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  An Important Message about the Economy and Your Business
  Debt, mortgage and insurance companies across America are asking themselves,
"How are we going to make it in this bad economy?”

Their initial reaction is to cut back or stop marketing, but that only makes matters worse...much worse. When sales makeup over 85% of most business' revenue and are the backbone of you and your employees salaries. It then becomes fundamentally apparent that new lead aggregation and prospect acquisitions play major roles in the overall success of your business.

Additionally, by abandoning your marketing efforts you have essentially handed your earnings over to your competitor. A study conducted by the Wall Street Journal illustrates just how detrimental marketing and lead generation becomes to any business especially during times of economic strife:

“An analysis of 600 businesses in the 1981-1982 recession found companies which maintained or increased their marketing expenditures during this slow period averaged new sales growth of 275% between 1981-1985.  Companies which cut back on their marketing averaged just 19% sales growth during the same period.”
(WSJ - 12/08)

The truth is your business can’t afford not to market.  Why you might ask? Because it’s extremely difficult to crawl out of a sales hole by cutting back on sales and marketing when they have become the bloodline of any business.  

Did you know that bad economic times represent an opportunity to grow your company, sales and add new customers?
  There are two primary reasons for this:

First, although fewer “buying prospects” exist in poor economic times, there are still plenty of prospects who are buying your type of product or service. They’re simply harder to find and don’t respond to the same old marketing techniques and strategies that worked in good economic times. 

Second, most of your competitors will probably decide to sit on the sidelines until “things get better.”  This means fewer competitors are vying for your prospects’ business which translates into a big opportunity for your company.
  Sales Growth Assessment
  Lead Simplicity, Inc. has helped 650+ small and mid-size companies and Fortune 500 businesses add millions of dollars in new sales.

We carry an array of effective tools and will share proven, “thinking-outside-the-box” solutions to address your sales and marketing challenges to grow your business.
  Cost Per Acquisition ($)
  In case you’re wondering about cost, working with Lead Simplicity, Inc. is extremely affordable. We possess a realm of different programs and our experience produces optimal results that you can choose to engage in only when your need and budget allows.

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