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Debt Settlement
Credit Management
Debt Consolidation
Tax Debt
Interest Rate Reduction

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  Debt Leads
  There has been a large surge in debt settlement and debt consolidation activities. These programs are expected to help distressed homeowners prevent their properties from being foreclosed and assist the general consumer in staying afloat in today's troubled economic times.

In concurrence with the government debt arbitration laws, this is a good opportunity for debt agents, financial institutions, and attorneys to assist these individuals from their debt troubles and get credit going again.

While debt settlement and debt consolidation offer the consumer two entirely separate alternatives to their financial burdens. Both require homeowners/debtors a huge amount of prudence and self-discipline in handling their finances.

Lead Simplicity provides you easy-to-close and exclusive debt leads for this type of business undertaking. If you are looking for accurate and up-to-date leads, you have come to the right place. We guarantee our leads are precise and allow you the sole position and advantage of attempting to win over the debt holders into profitable clients.

  Our debt market concentrations consist of the following:
  Debt Settlement
Credit Management
Debt Consolidation
Tax Debt
Interest Rate Reduction
Telemarketing Exclusive Debt Leads
  Our lead selection process is strict and highly qualified. We do not provide you with merely just leads containing names to call and attempt to turn them into profitable customers. Instead, the potential clients need to pass the criteria that your company selected to narrow down the list of possible customers. This is called filtering.

Earlier, we mentioned that the way to do this is through telemarketing. This is very effective as opposed to mass marketing. Traditionally, we advertise and seek as many potential clients as we can regardless of age, gender and preferences. Through telemarketing, we can avoid loss made by calling uninterested parties. This will help us concentrate on those who need and want your help. Our agents will personally call and ask if they would like to speak with a debt specialist. If they intend to do so and are interested on the service/products that you are offering, then we immediately send the telemarketed debt leads or live transfer the leads to you. Our telemarketed debt leads are guaranteed fresh and easy to close with conversion ratios as high as 1:3. Call our hotline now: 1-866-485-6330 to get started!
Exclusive Debt Leads
  Exclusive Debt Leads are warm prospects. This means that you will have sole ability to close a deal with a prospect because that information will not be given out to any other exclusive telemarketed debt lead buyer. Through our telemarketing efforts, if they are interested in speaking with a debt specialists, we will immediately arrange the live-transfer or call back appointment for you, depending on your campaign preference. Lead Simplicity understands that time sensibility is important to make a deal. Like previously mentioned, we give you 45 days to convince the potential clients. This is more than enough time to make a profit. If after the allotted time, the homeowners are still unconvinced, we send the exclusive telemarketed debt leads back to our database and we resell them at a cheaper value. 
Live Transfer Debt Leads
  Live transfer debt leads are fresh leads that are transferred to you immediately after they were closed by one of our agents. These leads are not only qualified but are also seeking you out and interested in transacting with your company. Avoid losses by trying to convince uninterested homeowners, buy our live transfer debt leads now! Call 1-866-485-6330.
Economical Debt Leads
  Economical debt leads, on the other hand are debt leads that are recycled and dispensed out to more lead buyers. Like the aged debt leads, they also have higher return on investment once closed.
Aged Debt Leads
  Aged debt leads are not sold after 45 days and are sent back to our database. Aged debt leads may be cheap aged debt leads or exclusive aged debt leads, depending on what you want. For this reason, not all aged leads are inexpensive. While "aged", that does not mean you cannot turn them into profits. In fact, if you were able to close an aged debt lead, there will be a higher return on investment (ROI) since the aged leads are much cheaper than fresher ones.
Debt Relief Leads
  Debt settlement and consolidation measures have become an urgent aid for many consumers. According to Sheila Bair, FDIC Chairperson, avoiding  foreclosures help prevent risk aversion and financial distress which could potentially overcorrect housing prices and create even larger losses for borrowers and lenders alike. Debt agents, loan specialists and financial institutions need to make the most out of the opportunities that are available in this time of financial emergency. Call our hotline now. Buy Exclusive debt relief leads! 1-866-485-6330.